Friday, January 11, 2013


Carmelo Anthony
Larealsportsworld -As we all know, the Newyork Knicks have made quite the push into this years regular season. After making a playoff birth last year loosing to the Miami Heat in the first round, this years team has come back with more experience and a focused mindset. Many say its been the veteran leadership of hall of fame point guard Jason Kidd, with the defensive mentallity brought from head coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks with 23 wins and 11 loses have the second spot in the eastern conference which is by far one of the best accomplishments for them as the later portion of the season approaches.

Carmelo Anthony  has been seen on the recent launched Got Chocolate Milk advertisment. Of course Chocolate Milk does make the bones stronger, but Anthony has astonished the league with his strong will to win his first NBA Championship. According to head coach Mike Woodson, Melo has a different mental approach to the game, and for the first time ever his focus is on the defensive end. Melo has always been considered one of the top scorers in the NBA Woodson commented to but he has never been on a team by which he was not the first option. Melo is currently in the running for this years MVP for the regular season. Anthony recently launched his own personal website for fans to really get a closer look at him on and off of the court as he embarks on his journey to be one of the listed champions in the hall of fame. Many sports writers and even NewYork fans are on the heels of their feet because outside looking in the Knicks are on course for record breaking history.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013



Larealsportsworld- Well, its no big secret to the standing of this years Los Angeles Lakers team with a record of 15 wins and 20 defeats. Lakers, who is normally the main headline of Los Angeles is now the most depressing sports franchise to watch.

    With the big signing of Dwight Howard and hall of fame point guard Steve Nash, the news shattered the predictions about the Lakers not only making it to the post season but rather was one of the highest favorites to win the NBA Championship. On paper, the facts and stats looked almost slim to none to teams competing and matching up against the power house Lakers. The beginning of the season the Lakers was lead under the direction of Coach Mike Brown by which many say wasn't  giving a fair opportunity due to the slow start by the lakers. After Brown was released there became a bigger surprise behind the curtains for  Lakers , the return of Phil Jackson. The thought of Jackson coaching the stars on this Laker team would definitely be a sight to see, but surprisingly some great things are not meant to be. Jackson due to a couple of demands in the negotiations Lakers management decided to put their trust in Mike D'Antoni. The impact of Lakers signing Mike D'Antoni was considered by many as a lost in the category of leadership to take this Laker team to the next level. Kobe Bryant was simply thrilled about playing for D'Antoni considering what he knows about him personally on a competitive  level. Of course many analyst predicted the Lakers would not play well and would not be a top contending team in the west due to the drastic move of acquiring D'Antoni. The question was never doubting would the Lakers perform on the offensive end, by rather on the most important end which is on the defensive end. Which is why the Lakers are still in the bottom of the standings in the western conference this season. 
        Pressure is riding high on the management of the Los Angeles Lakers Organization. The biggest question is what is the costly problem in this franchise this year. To have the best starting five in the NBA as well as  great players coming off the bench, the winning formula for Laker nation remains unknown. The combined efforts of Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol is not consistent and quite frankly looks almost as if they aren't even seriously competeting. Its understood by many saying Dwight Howard is not completely healed, but in the words of Shaq, " If your good enough to put on the sneakers and dress, then your good enough and to play.'' Bryant, is having another great year almost averaging 30.1 points a game this season. He at times seems a bit more upset than what he is showing and I believe he has every right to be considering Pau and Dwight and the leadership of Steve Nash is not consistent. The bottom line is not about whether Bryant shoots 28 plus jumpers a game but its the reason on why he has to. The Lakers have never been known to play great defense in this generational era, but one would think this season with the very aggressive Metta World Peace, and a defensive player of the year in Howard these things would rub off on the entire team. The defense in Los Angeles has yet to be shown on a nightly basis.  As mid season in the approach, things for the Lakers must change in a hurry, due to the strong pushes by other teams of securing a guaranteed playoff spot in the post season. With being five games behind even for a balanced record, the wining formula needs to arrive in Los Angeles fast for the struggling franchise, or the pressure will definitely arrive in the off season.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic "Battle of theThrown"

           The journey for the thirty year old Swiss Roger Federer has been a road of tremendous dominance for the 16 Grand Slam Title Champion. Although his career accomplishments speaks for itself, apparently doubt and age has now arise for the tennis icon including the current number one in the world, Novak Djokovic. Due to the early exist by Rafael Nadal, the playing field of odds has increased for Roger in having the best chance in winning another Wimbledon Title, to account for 17 Grand Slam Titles . Without question, Wimbledon has always been the home of Roger throughout his entire career with five titles, but being on top only last for so long.

 Novak Djokovic by far has took the Professional Tennis Spotlight from being known as a top contender, to the current best. The 25 year old Serbian, has taken his game to the next level. Novak has tuned out past criticism, now playing fearless with an attitude emphasizing, nothing to loose. Djokovic has now won the past three Grand Slam Titles (US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open), and looks to continue his success at Wimbledon as well. The Serbian is on a mission without a shadow of a doubt, but in his way stands the greatest Wimbledon Champion of all time in Roger Federer. Novak has already issued a couple of wins against Federer, as Djokovic has beat Roger 4 out of 5 in the previous grand slams. Some believe despite all the success, the Serbian may not have enough to claim a early drivers seat against the man of Swiss.

 Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are both on a mission to win the Wimbledon Title. To see Novak and Federer square off in a match of pure will and hunger adds this match to collection to the Wimbledon archive of historical matches. On any given day these two can pull a needle out of a hay stack. The variations by which Roger has dominated with, to Djokovic's lethal ground strokes and consistency creates a interesting contest. Although, many give the green light to Djokovic in winning this match due to the prior victories he has defeated Federer. The intensity level and anticipation level for this epic event, will be a heart pounding and explosive until the very end. It's amazing how Novak Djokovic has adapted his game to now being able to change the ball direction with ease. Novak ground strokes are bigger than ever, and many forget  his improvement on his service game. Novak pounds the ball with every stroke along side with the improved footwork to top it off. As quite intimidating as the Serbian may sound, still may not be a match for the proven legend. Roger Federer has been quite the dictator of tennis since Pete Sampras. The finesse of the racket swung by the Swiss creates lots of problems for any opposing contender. Federer is the master of the mental game, and owns the centre court at Wimbledon. We all have seen over the past few years the dominance in Rogers all around tennis game. The ability to be flawless in every area of tennis both defensive and offensive tactics clearly allows him to be able to play for quite sometime. For Roger, it's a simple case of moving Novak around the court, and making sure he keeps the backhand slice low. Djokovic will be looking to pound every ball in his strike zone, as well as test Rogers conditioning with his age. Roger needs to mix up his ball direction on his serves, into the body of Novak to allow for easy winners. Both players have been tested and have proved they are literally capable of any and everything on the court to walk out victorious.
     A historical match indeed, providing each come out with one goal and a will to win. The clash of the Serbian and the experienced Swiss remains to be decided in who will win, "The Battle of the Thrown".
Larry Aaron

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


     As game four of the NBA Finals is set to kick off today with the Miami Heat leading in the series 2-1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the best of seven series, the match of probability is constantly changing as we speak. From the match ups of players to the interesting young  head coaches for both teams, creates a sense of will and desire.

     Lebron James of the Miami Heat by far finds himself battling against the young and crafty transitional Oklahoma City Thunder , for now  his third appereance to the NBA Finals. Never quite understood the move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the arrival in Miami, but surely he seems to be on the verge of becoming a NBA Champion.With watching his performance this post season, James is clearly on a mission, and has the best overall numbers in the post season despite the higly explosive Kevin Durant for the Oklahoma City Thunder. This NBA finals compared to the past few, seems to be a testament of hunger and gifts by which no coach can teach. Its found in very few players, by who have changed the elements in basketball such as: Micheal Jordan ( Chicago Bulls), Magic Johnson ( Los Angelos Lakers), Larry Bird (Boston Celtics), Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat), Kobe Bryant (Los Angelos Lakers). Theres a difference in being competetive, and being a natural born champion. With watching the first three games of this series, a couple of key decisions stood out clearly from both James and Durant.  Understanding these two by far are the hardest to defend on any given night, let alone to try and gaurd for a seven game series in the NBA finals, where they both are playing out of their minds. Lebron James in being the MVP, and Kevin Durant in being the best scorer seems to be a stand off.
    With comparing both players and their role on their team, is a big reason on why the Miami Heat could have the harder time in closing out this series, due to the facts. Yes, the Miami Heat are up in this series but the means on what tooks place is crucial in every aspect of this contest. Remembering the late charge by the Thunder in Game 2 in Oklahoma City, were the last play concluded with Lebron James fouling Kevin Durant on the inbound pass for the easy lay up over James, which did not make its way in the basket due to the obvious foul by James who grabbed and hooked Durant's arm. Shortly after, Russel Westbrook went up for the easy put back in the rim off of the missed lap up by Durant in the same possesion, and James got away with a foul grabbing Westbrooks left arm by which was obvious from every angle possible to see. Interesting enough, James interview after the game took place with Doris Burke seemed to be a relief of luck due to the non foul call, by which he knew he commited. The playoffs say, seventy percent of the teams to win game one generally wins the series. Whether your a fan or not of the Heat, I commend them for their consistency in being aggressive off of the pick and role and especially denfensively. They are doing a great job of out hustling the Thunder since game 1, and seemed to be taking advantage of the seires.
 The only thing I question is will they be able to play at this level for the duration of the finals, because logic says otherwise for the Heat and their MVP, in Lebron James.
     The first game in Miami showed one of the biggest attributes by which is determing this series in the Heats favor, in foul calls by the referees. This post season has been changing dramaticly game by game due to the inconsistent foul judgment by the referees. Kevin Durant who by far is a better defender than he's given credit for, has now all of a sudden become a foul trouble player in the NBA finals. Notice of which when Kevin Durant is on the floor, the Oklahoma City Thunder will always outscore and beat the Miami Heat. During the third quarter to start the second half, Durant was on the floor and he showed Miami why he's known as the best scorer in the leaugue, causing the Thunder to be up ten on the Heat. As the crowd began to get restless and the momentum changed in the favor of the Thunder, the refs decide to make a petty and non playoff foul on Durant to give him his fourth foul. Shortly after, the Miami Heat began to make their come back led by Lebron James, who did a great job of getting to the paint for easy high percentage shots. As the Heat would become victorius in game 3, beating the Thunder by a six point margin. The tale of this series with a sad note, would come down to the referees judgment in calling the remainder of the games left. Statistics, on paper and off paper there is no way the Heat will beat the Oklahoma City Thunder led by Kevin Durant, because the Thunder are the better overall team and they have the youth and competetive drive. To add on, Durant by far has the gift by which very few are blessed with of being a natural born champion. James on the other hand has his mind set on the goal, but we all know how hard it is to believe this time is different from any other of the previous times before. Mark my words, if the Miami Heat led by their MVP Lebron James along side Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, dont win game 4, then they will loose the series in Oklahoma. Lebron James will to win, is nothing compared to Durants will to prove otherwise..

By: Larry Aaron